AWS CLI Cheat Sheet

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  • Configuring the AWS cli environment (using IAM roles and access/secret keys):
aws configure
  • Configure a profile for additional AWS IAM account:
aws configure --profile [profile_name]
  • Create a new S3 bucket:
aws s3 mb <BucketName>
  • Remove S3 bucket:
aws s3 rb s3://<BucketName> --force
  • List all S3 buckets:
aws s3 ls
  • List of S3 buckets using additional AWS IAM account:
aws s3 ls --profile [profile_name]
  • List the content of specific S3 bucket:
aws s3 ls s3://<BucketName>
  • Copy file from S3 bucket to local directory:
aws s3 cp s3://<BucketName>/<FileName> /<LocalFolderName>


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