How to configure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for AWS IAM User

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  • Install Virtual MFA application on your mobile device, as instructed:
  • Login to the AWS console:
  • From the left pane, click on Users
  • In the User Name list, select the target user
  • Choose the Security credentials tab -> click Next to Assigned MFA device, choose Manage
  • In the Manage MFA Device wizard, choose Virtual MFA device, and then choose Continue
IAM generates and displays configuration information for the virtual MFA device, including a QR code graphic.
  • From the mobile device, open the virtual MFA application
If the virtual MFA app supports multiple virtual MFA devices or accounts, choose the option to create a new virtual MFA device or account
  • In the Manage MFA Device wizard, in the MFA code 1 box, type the one-time password that currently appears in the virtual MFA device.
Wait up to 30 seconds for the device to generate a new one-time password. Then type the second one-time password into the MFA code 2 box. Choose Assign MFA

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