How to connect to S3 bucket using Windows client

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Creating IAM user

  • Login to the IAM console:
  • From the left pane, click on Users -> click on “Add user” -> specify the user name -> access type: “Programmatic access” -> do not select “AWS Management Console access” -> click “Next: Permissions”
  • From the “add user to group”, click on “Create group” -> from the policy list, select “AmazonS3FullAccess” -> click “Next: Review” -> click on “Create user”
  • Download the CSV file with the “Access key ID” and “Secret access key” and save the CSV file in a secure location
  • Click Close

Download and install S3 Browser

  • Download the installation file from:
  • Double click on the installation file and follow the instructions

Configure the S3 Browser

  • Run the S3 Browser from the Windows client
  • From the “Add New Account page", specify the following details:
  • Account name – specify here the previously created IAM user
  • Account type – select “Amazon S3 Storage”
  • AWS Access Key ID – specify here the access key ID from the CSV file
  • AWS Secret Access Key – specify here the secret access key
  • Encrypt Access Keys with a password – select this option to specify password to protect the AWS credentials from been compromised
  • Use secure transfer (SSL / TLS) – select this option
  • Click on Add new account