How to create a new security group

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Creating a new security group

  • Login to the VPC console:
  • From the left pane, click on “Security Groups” -> “Create Security Group”:
  • Name tag: Custom-security-group
Note: Replace Custom-security-group with your own security group name
  • Group name: Specify here the same value as you specified in the Name tag field
  • Description: Specify here description for the new security group
  • VPC: Select the relevant VPC from the list
  • Click on "Yes, Create"
  • Select the newly created security group from the list -> from the lower pane, click on "Inbound Rules" -> click on Edit -> specify the example below for new inbound rule:
  • Type: SSH (22)
  • Protocol: TCP (6)
  • Source: Specify here your machine internet facing IP address or the internet facing Firewall IP address
  • Description: Specify a short description for the rule (for example: Inbound SSH access)
  • Click on Save
  • Logoff the Amazon console
  • Note: For more information about using security groups, see: