How to create a user account in AWS IAM

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Creating IAM user

  • Login to the IAM console:
  • From the left pane, click on Users -> click on Add User -> specify the user name -> leave “Programmatic access” unselected -> select “AWS Management Console access” -> leave “Autogenerated password” and “User must create a new password at next sign-in” selected -> click “Next: Permissions”
  • Select “Add user to group” -> click on “Create group” -> on the “Group name” -> select a group from the list
  • Click on “Next: Review” -> click on “Create user” -> download the CSV file with the user’s credentials and click on Close
  • From the left pane, click on Users -> click on the newly created account -> click on “Security credentials” tab -> click on the pencil icon near “Assigned MFA device” -> select the MFA device to activate and follow the steps to active the MFA device
  • Logoff the AWS management console