How to create an EBS volume

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Creating an EBS volume

  • Login to the EC2 management console:
  • From the upper pane, select a region for creating the EBS volume
Note: The volume must be in the same Amazon region as the target EC2 machine the volume will be attached to
  • From the left pane, under “Elastic Block Store”, click on Volumes
  • From the main pane, click on “Create Volume” -> select the Volume type according to your needs. For more information, see:
  • Specify the volume size
  • Select the relevant availability zone.
Note: The volume should be in the same availability zone as the EC2 machine the volume will be attached to
  • Select “Encrypt this volume” -> select Master key from the list (or use the default aws/ebs master key)
  • Click on “Add Tag”:
  • Key – Specify here “Name”
  • Value – Specify here the EBS volume name (It is recommended to include the target EC2 machine host name, as a prefix to the EBS volume name)
  • Click on “Create Volume”
  • From the main pane, select the newly created EBS volume
  • From the upper pane, click on Actions -> Attach Volume -> select the target EC2 machine name -> click on Attach