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What is MOAB?

MOAB is a small scientific computing infrastructure operated by IUCC, Israeli inter university computation center, and integrated in ILAN (Israel’s National Research and Education Network).

What does MOAB offer?

MOAB offers compute strength needed to work and run POC models on some of today’s research challenges. MOAB includes a catalog of over 300 scientific computing tools and applications available with the use of [EASYBUILD]( In addition, we allow you to install your own code.

What is MOAB composed of?

MOAB is a linux clusterrunning slurm, with an Infiniband FDR low latency network interconnecting 64 computing nodes based on Intel Xeon Harpertown processors. Together, these nodes are able to provide a computing power of approximately 3.6 TFLOPS, 4.096 TB of RAM and 64TB of disk capacity.

Who can access MOAB?

  • Israeli researchers can apply for access to MOAB.
  • Any PRACE member can apply for access to MOAB.

How can you request access to MOAB?

You can directly contact IUCC or PRACE HPC application to request access.