MOAB quick-start-guide

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MOAB Quick Start Guide

MOAB description

MOAB is a cluster with 64 compute nodes based on Intel Harpertown processor and interconnected with Infiniband network. Has a peak performance of 3.6 TFlops. Nodes have 8 cores, 64 GB memory and 1 TB of local disk storage.

Connecting to the system

  • To access MOAB cluster, a SSH client (Secure Shell) must be used.
  • For security reasons, access to our computing servers is restricted to Israeli university researchers only.
  • Remote access will be set per PRACE application approval.
  • Accessible through SSH protocol at hostname is a prep area, where users may edit, compile, perform file management, and submit batch jobs.

Job submission

  • Job submission using python
    • will be updated soon...
  • Job submission using slurm
    1. Write a text file (job bash script) containing submission options and the list of commands to be executed (
    2. Submit the job with the ``sbatch`` command
    3. Check job status with ``squeue -u $USER`` command


Applications use is configured through the “module” command:

  • Available applications:
    module avail
  • Brief application user guide:
    module help <application>/<version>
  • For building applications using EasyBuild:
    1. Run
      module load EasyBuild/3.4.1
    2. Follow instructions on EasyBuild CLI documentation

Storage and directories

  • Each user has a local scratch disk on the node to work with.